Crystal Careers

Crystal Legal Services, an ethical mis-sold claims management company, commissioned Plinkfizz for a recruitment campaign involving their careers website. The project, which then went on to be shortlisted for a 'best small budget' marketing award, generated significant results across a three month period.

Crystal Careers tasked Plinkfizz with:

• Developing a marketing campaign to support recruitment
• Fill a number of roles including: sales, team leaders, operations and claims handlers
Dispel the myths about working in the PPI industry

In just 3 months, the campaign collectively resulted in 236 quality applications being received and 13 new hires. 58 applications were received from a Google Ads drive and 12 from an open day initiative.

Recruitment post reach on Facebook in the time period amounted to: • 761 clicks • 256k impressions • 38 conversions

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