Why good content is important

Posted on: 22/07/2022 by Tina Meigh

Content creation is a key contributor to business growth

Good quality content can heavily influence how your potential customers see your business. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s news stories, blogs, emails, or even social media and for content to be considered ‘good-quality’, it needs to be written clearly, easy to digest and demonstrate authority by giving facts that only an expert in their field would know.

Useful content increases brand authority

Well-written content can generate backlinks, which happen when one website links to another website and essentially helps to raise your rankings for certain keywords on Google. For example if Gov.uk linked to your website in their blog, this is a backlink. Creating good content will help people find your business organically through searches because you’ll be providing them with a solution or answer to their question, meaning they’re more likely to convert.

What’s more, if your content provides value to current and potential customers, you’ll have a much better chance of increasing your branding and domain authority.

Your content can influence buying decisions

Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers prefer to learn about a company or brand through content on their website before purchasing? That’s why it’s crucial that you update your website regularly with good-quality, well-written content that benefits your customers.

The average person spends around 37 seconds reading each piece of content, so try to include the most important information in the first few paragraphs. Take care with the rest of your content though as there are always people who enjoy reading the full piece, so aim to make your content as useful, informative and engaging as possible!

When it comes to producing good-quality content, you should:

  • Brainstorm your ideas: start by researching the latest industry news and trends and aim to produce content that answers their questions, giving your readers all the information that they’re looking for. The best way to do this is to get creative with a good old-fashioned brainstorm!
  • Create a content plan: once you have some ideas of topics and themes, it’s time to create a content plan to help you stay on track. We recommend planning at least one month ahead as this gives you plenty of time to proof and perfect your masterpiece ready for your readers.
  • Write for your readers: the most important thing to remember is to write for your readers by creating the right tone of voice and style of writing. Putting yourself in their shoes when writing will help you produce attention-grabbing content that converts!

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