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Posted on: 05/11/2021 by Josie Devine

Creative Metadata Tagging

56% of a campaign’s success is due to its creative.

Creative agencies and advertisers have limited visibility into what actually drives that success. Creative Metadata Tagging is a process to give creative agencies better visibility of the performance of their work.

By identifying partners who collaborate to produce ads for our platform using metadata during the production process, we can unlock new data and insights related to the impact and performance of the creative running across our platforms.

Facebook is among the first to leverage XMP tagging to attribute creators of assets at scale. With other platforms adopting meta tagging as a creative tracking mechanism, agencies and partners will have a holistic view as to how all asset are used across all platforms.

What are the benefits of Metadata Tagging?

By attributing assets to specific creators, Facebook can share back data and build tools that will provide the creative community with more data relevant to their work.

  • Historical creative performance reports in Ads Manager
  • New tools to predict creative impact
  • Creative insights and best practices tailored to specific verticals and audiences
  • Raw data (via API) to enable partners to innovate and build new tools

If you’re looking to implement Metadata Tags, get in touch!

We can show you the way with Meta… (Facebook).

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