Web developer vs DIY – what’s in it for you?

You’re about to build a new website – but do you opt to ‘have a go yourself’ or do you employ the services of a web developer?

We know there are many tools out there that will help you to build your own website but whether this is the right course of action is very much up for debate!

We took a look at some of the pros and cons of building your own versus getting the professionals in:

Pros Cons
No coding/website experience needed More budget needed
Website can be completely custom built to your specific design You’ll need to understand how WordPress works and how to install it
Additional functionality can be added If you work with a theme, you’ll need to understand how it works and address any issues that arise
All domain registration, hosting etc. is handled for you Any functionality is via plugins
You can have any type of website built You’ll need to do all the domain registration and find a host yourself
Website will be submitted to search engines for you Your website won’t be truly bespoke
All analytics coding will be done for you You’ll have to set up your own analytics account and learn how to add this to your website
You have more time to get on with other things It will take up a significant amount of your time


If you’re looking to install advanced functionality features on your website such as database or login functionality, third party integrations or e-Commerce interfaces, we’d definitely recommend using a professional web developer.

The time factor

If you have the time to learn how a web building tool works, time to understand how to set everything up and work with the individual theme and time to do all the myriad of tasks needed to create and launch your own website, that’s great.

But really, in a busy world, businesses have so many more tasks they need to deal with, and we believe it’s better and easier to leave it to the experts.

It might cost a little more budget initially, but the time you’ll save can be spent more efficiently in other areas of your business.

Creating bespoke designs

Your beautiful new website wouldn’t be the same without a great web design – again, here’s where the professionals can really add value and create a bespoke design just for you.

We might be a little biased, but on the whole, for a bespoke website that truly reflects your individual personality your best bet is to get in touch with a team of experts and get them to design and build it for you!

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