The top three marketing and advertising trends for B2B companies in 2023 so far…

The marketing landscape isn’t just evolving, it’s adapting to the current business climate. 2023 has been a disruptive year with economic and recruitment challenges affecting B2B processes. From supply chain issues to customers having tightened budgets, implementing your advertising messages strategically has never been so important.  

To keep a competitive advantage, businesses need to apply marketing strategies that will build relationships, appeal to prospects’ pain points and cleverly adapt to different stages of the buying process.  

Our Marketing Account Manager, Laura, handpicks three of her favourite B2B marketing trends that businesses need to be taking advantage of in 2023…  


One size does not fit all, the power of personalisation: 

No, we’re not just talking about adding customer names to your email campaigns. While prospects used to find this impressive, B2B businesses now need to take personalisation to a whole new level.  


With every business facing its own challenge in 2023, understanding prospects’ unique ‘pain points’ and customising your communications is more important than ever. Start with the data you’ve collected about your customers and consider the different reasons why they have partnered with you. Do they have different goals, U.S.Ps, preferences, or something else? Then use that information to understand how different customers engage with your brand. This gives insight into their needs, behaviour, and interests, creating the perfect tools to customise your email, social or digital advertising. By segmenting your audience and customising campaign messages, you create a strategic approach that addresses diverse challenges, resonates with specific prospect groups, and strengthens relationships. Implement this technique at different stages of the customer journey to deliver an engaging and captivating experience.   


Storytelling isn’t just a buzzword:

Think about every brand you follow on social media or blog that you read – what sets them apart and makes them so intriguing? It’s not just their products, prices, or services; it’s the captivating customer and brand stories they share, the unique solutions they offer, and feeling like your part of a community. Whether it’s about the brand or highlighting a problem and solution, storytelling showcases your understanding of what a prospect needs, helps to build trust, and creates connections. Ultimately driving higher sales, conversions, and increased customer retention. When creating the next piece of copy to promote your brand, start with the hook by considering what will grab your audience’s attention. The next step is to explain about a problem your product solves, how it solves it and finally explain how your current customers have benefited.  


The final piece of the puzzle, crafting memorable and immersive experiences: 

Immersive experiences aren’t just a trend, they’re a game changer. Exceeding prospect’s expectations across all touchpoints creates an unforgettable first impression, leading to a lasting partnership. By utilising the two trends above, you can carefully craft experiences that resonate with your audience’s needs and preferences, positioning you as a brand that truly listens to its customers. So, how exactly would you create an immersive experience for your B2B brand?  


The answer, start small and build gradually. For example, if you’re a manufacturing brand consider virtual tours or 360 videos of your factory. If you’re a training and development brand, offer webinars or virtual drop-in sessions. If your brand starts small you can then identify opportunities to improve experiences at each stage of the customer journey. Integrating products and services into a unique and memorable experience creates emotional connections to ensure customers spend more time with your brand. Collect and listen to feedback from surveys, customer reviews and social media channels. Not only will this information give you a picture of how customers view your brand, but it will also help you to tailor activity to what customers want to see. 


Do you want to get started on your B2B marketing strategy but are not sure where to start? Our Marketing team at Plinkfizz are experts in their field, working directly with business leadership teams or in-house marketing groups to enhance business growth. Get in touch on 01782 630777. 

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