The evolution of sonic logos

Posted on: 05/03/2020 by Plinkfizz

We all know that the biggest brands are instantly recognisable by their logos. Think of those ‘golden arches’ and we’re sure that McDonalds will immediately spring to mind (other fast food outlets are also available!).

But in a world full of exciting and immediately recognisable logos, how can brands set themselves apart?

That’s where sonic branding – or sonic logos – come in. This clever marketing trend is all about getting your brand ‘heard’ as well as seen.

So how does it work?

If we use McDonalds as an example again, we’ve all heard that little whistle … yep, that’s a sonic logo!

If you listen, there’s loads of them happening in your daily life. Sonic branding is all things from the McDonalds’ whistle earworm or We Buy Any Car’s catchy jingle to Apple’s start up music or Netflix’s intro when you log in.

Did you know that it takes less than a second for a human to react to sound? And most of us experience some sort of emotional response when we hear certain sounds or music. It might be the alarm on your smartphone when you wake up or your computer when you switch it on. Almost every moment of our lives has sound or music and sonic logos give companies an opportunity to be part of this.

Key benefits of sonic logos

  • Audience engagement
  • Greater attention for your brand
  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Better brand recall
  • Boosting your brand

Your brand can also be reinforced from a distance as others engage with it. It might be another person ‘hearing’ your brand from across a room, waiting for a bus … it could be anywhere!

Sonic logos allow companies to engage with their customers on a completely different level without any words being spoken.

Fancy a challenge? Try and match these sonic logos to their brands…

Ready to get your own sonic logo?

Turning your brand into a few notes or a catchy jingle can be a challenge but it’s definitely worth considering. A sonic logo can be just as instantly recognisable as all the other components of your brand. But better than that, it gives you a way to reach customers who are hardly paying attention.

We’re here to help. Call for a chat on 01782 581215 or pop in for a brew and find out how you can make your brand not just seen but heard!

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