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We specialise in both technical and content search engine optimisation. 

What is SEO?  

Search engine optimisation is, at its essence, the process of tweaking aspects of your website to make Google love it.  

Of course, there are other search engines out there like Bing or Yahoo, but 92% of internet users search with Google. That means we prioritise satisfying Google’s perception over that of Bing or Yahoo!.  

SEO is typically split into two main focal points; content and technical.  

What is content SEO?  

Content SEO is anything the user can see on the page. Take for example the text you’re reading right now or the different header types on this page.   

What is technical SEO?  

Technical SEO is what the user cannot see. An example of a site which needs technical SEO would have slow load speeds, for example.  


Custom SEO packages for your business  

As well as knowing that SEO is key in any marketing package, it is also worth knowing that no two SEO packages are the same.  

One site may have the very best in terms of technical performance while having no high-quality content. Another site might have the best content but no technical performance. The next site you check might have neither. One might have some potential opportunities where tweaks to both technical and content would deliver wins.  

The bottom line is that an SEO package is fully customisable, depending on business goals and the current status of the website.



How do I figure out what would be best for my website?  

This is a question we get asked a lot, and this is what we always say: “Let us figure it out”.  

We run a few different audits to determine the scope of work and what will deliver the best results. These may include the following:  

  • User experience audit  
  • Content audit  
  • Technical audit  
  • Backlink audit  

After the above audits, we will plan some key tasks from keyword research to blog writing and site cleanliness and page speed analysis. 

How do you measure SEO success?   

You can measure SEO successes by analysing many different data points or by looking at site performance. Typically, as Google rewards you for writing high-quality, well-structured content the number of search results your site ranks for will increase.  

This will increase the number of sessions coming directly from Google’s result page. This is usually a good basic indication of SEO performance.  

Another way of measuring the successes of any SEO work is by analysing patterns of site performance. Through custom-built software and pre-built software, we can analyse how any technical changes have improved site performance.  

It is important in SEO to track when changes occur, this enables cause-and-effect reporting on all kinds of optimisation projects.  

Full marketing and SEO agency in Stoke   

Our team of SEO experts are here if your site needs any kind of optimisation. We’re here to help with site speed, high quality content or building organic links from PR.   

For a free initial consultation about SEO packages, email us or call 01782 630777.

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