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An effective brand delivers a compelling, cohesive image of your business

Our team of creative experts builds and develops brands with custom strategies. We build brands from scratch, and we support and develop existing brands. We create value propositions that define our clients’ business aspirations in line with their purpose. Our brand strategies are smart and led by our in-house production team. 

We are specialists in creating brand experiences and identities for B2B and B2C audiences. We work with businesses and organisations across the UK to develop brands, rebranding and designing logo identities. We work with you to clarify your brand’s core values, it’s history and culture. We immerse ourselves in your industry to make sure that your identity is justly robust. 

Our branding strategies make you, you  

After brand strategy development, we apply our findings to a full suite of marketing channels that suit the needs of your business. This could be a range of activities including print design, website design, email marketing, social media campaigns or SEO.

Our branding work drives results by  

Understanding target audiences

Identify your target market to figure out how they want or need to be marketed and communicated to. If you operate in the engineering sphere you will need completely different branding to someone selling moisturiser. Similarly, though, civil engineers will need very different branding from someone in aerospace manufacturing.  

Creating a personality

Each different brand needs its own individual personality. This doesn\’t mean replicating Ryanair\’s Twitter or Duolingo\’s TikTok personalities. It simply means that we make your business represent its core values.  

The theory behind creating a personality is to create a bond or relationship between business and consumer.  

Creating an identity

The identity aspect of brand strategies considers the theory around logos, colour palettes, typography, and the styles around all marketing collateral.  

Typically, this aspect can be everchanging while staying on brand with most aspects. It\’s good to find a balance between recognisable and fresh.  

These three branding considerations are just scratching the surface of developing brand awareness through traditional and digital channels. Whether you want to convey a particular attitude or message, having a strong brand strategy is the key.  

Our branding and brand development strategies are always cohesive

As a branding agency, we know what works well for one industry and what works well for another. This process of creating bespoke branding strategies is what makes us maximise your position, awareness and development. 

You can piece together each part of creating a brand to create an effective brand strategy. From logos to messaging and personality to palettes, we understand how your print and digital brand persona helps in long-term brand popularity. 

We’re a creative design agency in Stoke providing branding services to clients in Staffordshire and across the region. Our creative design experts deliver effective solutions for your company brand, email today. 

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