SEO and PR: a match made in marketing heaven

Posted on: 30/09/2020 by Tina Meigh

Content creation is key for building any successful marketing plan. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital public relations (PR) come in.

While SEO is a key tactic in improving visibility in search engines and improving your ranking, PR is very much about brand reputation and communicating with your brand’s target audience.

They’re the perfect combination to help direct your content, boost organic ranking, improve brand awareness and increase online traffic, all the things your marketing strategy are focused on.

Using SEO in your PR campaigns will help you target content and steer the campaign towards your goal with keyword optimised content, quality backlinks and trusted social media tags.

Online coverage continues to be a major factor in modern day PR. Meaning it’s no surprise that spearheading campaigns with SEO will help you see clear improvements in brand authority and visibility (not to mention the potential for greatly improving sale conversions).

It’s also worth mentioning that while paid media offers strong, instant results, organic marketing ensures your brand’s message will stay relevant for longer. Consistent organic messaging from your brand will help maintain engagement and ultimately support brand growth.

Producing top quality content that adds value to your audience, increases their engagement and interest in your brand and content with the added benefit of showing Google you’re a trusted site.

Gaining trusted backlinks through PR campaigns will also support Google in seeing you’re a legitimate site, helping to improve your search engine visibility.

So, for every press release, news blog and product launch your brand rolls out, the closer your website is to reaching that coveted number one spot on Google Search.

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