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Wardell Armstrong

Wardell Armstrong are a multidisciplinary Environmental, Engineering, and Mining consultancy providing a broad range in services to the Infrastructure & Energy, Property & Development, and Mining & Minerals Sectors. They have a history going back over 185 years and a reputation for high quality service in the UK and internationally.

They provide support to clients in winning the metals and minerals which are critical to delivering a more sustainable carbon neutral future. Whether that be lithium for car batteries, metals for wind turbines or minerals essential for sustainable infrastructure and built development. They help in the development of green energies and critical infrastructure necessary to sustain social, environmental and economic improvement for all and facilitate a progressive diversification away from “carbon intensive” activities.


Digital Marketing/ Social Media/ Creative Branding/ Website Development/ Public Relationships/ SEO/ Strategy and Insight

New design website delivers ROI potential of 77,780% in first 12 months

Wardell Armstrong commissioned Plinkfizz for a new website. The replacement website is a primary vehicle for providing reassurance about the brand and to demonstrate how the company provides high quality consultancy services. The design of the website is critical, accessibility and clear identification of information which appeals to different target markets is key to the website’s success.

77,780% return
on Investment.

The launch of the new website saw a significant increase in the website traffic and immediately began giving a return on investment. Projects range from a few thousand pounds to a few muillion so having an effective website has considerably increased income.

Building a better mousetrap

The website design positions the company as a modern, influential and progressive company which attracts an increasingly young workforce. A Plinkfizz user experience expert undertook a deep research piece to develop a professional, easy to use and effective website. The new website increased search engine visibility of the company and its services and provides a central medium of communication with current customers, future customers and referral partners.

Design is the silent ambassador of a brand

Managing Director Keith Mitchell commented: “Fiona and team were outstanding in the work they did for us in designing and launching our new website. The site is excellent, we have seen a significant increase in the number of work enquiries coming to the business through the site and the support they have provided us with has been exemplary. A great team and a great business.” The website has also been submitted for a Prolific North Website of the Year Award.

  • Return on Investment: 77,780% ROI
  • Project Budget: £21,932
  • Value delivered in 12 months: 7,800,000 in ROI from additional leads
  • 90%

    Reduction in the number of pages on the website

  • 42%

    Increase in new users

  • 54%

    Increase in sessions / site activity

  • 38%

    Increase in browsing time

  • 1500%

    Increase in online enquires

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