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Intelligent call tracking software solutions that integrate with marketing platforms. Track and trace ROI across all marketing channels including SEO, PPC, websites, social media, print and events.

PROIntel Clients

Clare, Managing Director

“I have been working with Plinkfizz on developing our Marketing Strategy, to enable our business to grow, in particular in sales leads around our online training courses.  We had not been converting the right number of clients, in spite of having a good flow to the website. They introduced us to PROIntel, so our calls could be tracked/recorded and advice provided on how we were answering them.  This enabled a more effective structure to my calls, which improved sales conversions.  I would highly recommend the service, and have seen real benefits from using it.”

Clare, Managing Director

PRO Intel: A bespoke monitoring and call tracking system enabling you to quickly optimise marketing strategies and measure the impact

Manage how your calls are handled using our range of interactive telephone call management services

PRO Intel is an intelligent inbound telephone call management platform.

The bespoke monitoring and tracking system enables you to optimise marketing strategies and measure the impact of your campaigns using advanced data analytics. The platform has a user friendly design and is easy to learn, which means that you can set up and manage detailed call handling through the website or app with very little training.

PRO Intel’s inbound call management platform provides call tracking and analytics for data-driven marketers and businesses.

Track online, offline and traditional advertising performance, PR campaigns, provide metrics for advertising, PPC, SEO and increase marketing ROI.

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Track Performance

Track Performance

Optimise marketing and attribute ad spend accordingly. Call tracking gives businesses and marketers better visibility into their marketing campaigns' performance.

Call Recording

Gain insight into the call handling skills of your team. Monitor calls for training purposes to understand and teach best practice and ultimately increase sales.

Audience Insights

Call recording gives you an insight into customer conversations, helping you to understand any changes in trends or needs so you can make better business decisions.

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