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Natuzzi Editions

Global brand, Natuzzi Editions is an affordable luxury furniture manufacturer with Italian heritage. During August bank holiday weekend, the brand ran a double discount sale.


Social Media/ Video Campaign/ Digital Marketing/ Insights and Strategy


Double Discount Bank Holiday Campaign

Plinkfizz were commissioned to raise awareness of the sale to the target audience in a two-phased approach; both in the week leading up to the bank holiday and then a harder push on the sale over the actual weekend.

It was decided that the campaign would be delivered using social media across Facebook and Instagram to give instant results, targeting its typical audience profile of those homeowners 23-65 years old of all genders, with a high street budget but aspiring to luxury brands. This gave us scope to target people who were interested in competitor furniture brands on the market, whilst cross matching with those also interested in more premium brands.

Phase one of the campaign raised awareness of the sale in the seven days prior to the bank holiday. Phase two was then delivered using stop motion video to showcase the various products and their features in more detail in various settings. Our Creative Director used their knowledge and passion for interior design to stylise the sequence, incorporating lifestyle elements into the creative.


Exceptional Results

This was a highly specific campaign which generated excellent results and Natuzzi were delighted with its results and creativity.

This was a small budget campaign, running over a short period of time. Typically, campaigns with short life spans and budget constraints are more difficult to attain good results from. This campaign, however, far exceeded expectations.

Our digital marketing team specialises in highly targeted campaigns and taking small budgets to deliver big results. Upon scoping the campaign, Meta predicted that the stop motion videos would receive approximately 5000 views. However, the videos produced far exceeded this, achieving 17,901 views.

Engagement for phase one and two of the campaign combined had exceptional results, with the paid reach and paid impressions up 405.8% and 635.4% respectively.

405.8% increase in engagement rate

635.5% for paid impressions

Project budget: £2350

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