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JCB Finance

JCB Finance has over 40 years’ experience in providing competitive asset finance for customers in the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors. It offers fast, flexible finance solutions that help preserve working capital whilst spreading cost in a cost effective and tax efficient manner.

Its nationwide team of relationship managers are in touch with local needs and conditions, to bring customers state of the art finance options at the point of sale.


Public Relations/ Digital and Print Marketing/ Content Creation/ Strategic Design and Artworking /Insights and Strategy/ Social Media/ Print and Media Buying and Procurement/ Quality Control and Print Management Services

Educating audiences and maximising engagement

JCB Finance commissioned Plinkfizz to generate new enquiries from UK businesses to request a quote from them for the financing of commercial vehicles ahead of new vehicle registrations.

Our challenge was to educate buyers and to change their behaviours via a disruptive campaign, whilst keeping all branding to JCB corporate guidelines and specifications, as well as creating campaign collateral and wording that was FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) compliant.

Intelligent marketing collateral across all channels

The existing customer base and prospects did not have a clear understanding of what JCB Finance could provide lending against, meaning that the company whilst the product offer was expanding, it was not maximising sales enquiries in an increasingly competitive and volatile industry.

Plinkfizz developed a robust and integrated campaign which was executed across many channels, easily adaptable to provide intelligent marketing collateral. Our experts created a full channel neutral approach including postal direct mail, electronic direct mail and the creation of social media assets.

Our creative team devised the concept of ‘Let’s Help You Make Tracks’, designed to educate audiences through tactical wording that associated the company’s offer with relatable products that the audiences already identified with.

We also needed to educate that JCB Finance lend against many vehicles, not just those on tracks, and so created a ‘10 Reasons Why’ education piece as part of the campaign. For maximum reader engagement the eDM was developed to capture reader attention, including an animated road surface and call to action.

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    click through rate Almost doubling the industry standard of 2.59%

  • £92,000

    £92,000 In sales

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