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Emma Bridgewater

Global brand, Emma Bridgewater, is renowned for its distinctive, classic and modern designs made from cream-coloured earthenware.  The company produces 1.9 million pieces of pottery each year and offer factory tours where the traditional skills and craftsmanship behind this famous brand can be witnessed,


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Increase in Footfall and Turnover for Global Brand

When international tableware brand Emma Bridgewater asked Plinkfizz to raise its profile, we jumped at the chance.

At their inception, the Factory Shop and Café needed a serious amount of visibility to turn them into a success.

We were tasked with creating a unique destination that would attract visitors from around the globe.

We worked with plans from the architects to form a cohesive multi-channel marketing strategy that delivered a true place-making visitor experience.

In addition to a targeted marketing campaigns, Plinkfizz developed a transactional website, designed to establish the factory as a visitor destination.

Content for the website was written in line with Emma Bridgewater’s brand guidelines, a very unique and ‘quintessentially English’ approach. Our challenge was to then to interpret that into usable content, containing targeted words, which would also enhance organic search engine visibility of the website.

We also took keywords from the content and changed the website meta-data to increase search engine friendliness of the site. Keywords we identified during this process are also used in news releases published both off and online, as well as a comprehensive Google Ads PPC campaign.

The website was further supported by full stack marketing services support including: launch event, direct mail, employer engagement, branding, PPC, SEO, extensive printed collateral, placemaker marketing campaigns and signage schemes.

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