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DivideBuy is the UK’s leading interest free credit only partner. The company is a key player in the online interest-free, space and uses innovative technology to provide enhanced approval rates for lending, ultimately increasing online sales conversion opportunities for its merchant partners.


Public Relations / Digital Marketing / Content Creation/ Strategy and Insight

Campaign delivers ROI for market leading finance provider

Plinkfizz were commissioned to leverage the opportunity to gain traction with known and unknown audiences to the brand during the festive season. As the busiest period for the company, campaign objectives were centred on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas/January sales. Key aims were to re-engage with prospective customers, generate website visitors to the new online shopping directory, to raise the profile of DivideBuy, to generate brand awareness, and to position the company as a go-to provider of online shopping  solutions for key retail events during the period.

The Strategy

A robust marketing engagement plan was required to deliver against objectives and with a potential audience so large and varied, complex split testing was required to better understand DivideBuy’s Facebook and Instagram audience, and to streamline the campaign for maximum performance.

A combination of campaigns were set up in Meta, centred around products and locations for general shopping and Black Friday and Cyber Monday interests and behaviours. The paid for content was complemented with an organic Facebook and Instagram content plan and a Facebook Pixel was set up to retarget customers who visited the DivideBuy website.

Implementation and Creative Approach

First, we ensured the Facebook and Instagram pages were fit-for-purpose prior to campaign implementation. We then developed a campaign concept and copywriting plan and produced a series of campaign visuals, content and moving image assets for use throughout the campaign.

Each image was tactically chosen and given the DivideBuy branding treatment to ensure the brand remained with the campaign throughout and followed the colour palettes within the guidelines.

Research shows moving image generates 55% more engagement and is 1200% more shareable, and so images were then organised and combined accordingly to fit with their different campaigns and developed into gifs.

Lead generation and advertising campaign delivers quadruple daily sales

In total, 11 targeted campaigns were set up using the creatives Plinkfizz developed. Both paid and organic content were posted using different tactics from Facebook and Instagram stories, gifs, polls and questions, instant experiences and carousels.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success resulting in DivideBuy having its best month ever in sales.

Paid Campaign:

  • 7-day campaign budget: £2,697.86
  • Reach: 163, 232
  • Impressions: 202,088
  • Link clicks: 2,098
  • 5,452%

    ROI of 5,452%

  • 400%

    increase in sales in a single day Value delivered: £545,247 in additional revenue (Black Friday alone)

  • 9,920%

    increase in web traffic Direct from the campaign Facebook

  • 38%

    increase in web traffic From organic content

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