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CGTech is an international brand specialising in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimisation and analysis software for manufacturing.

CGTech’s main software product VERICUT®, has become the global industry standard and is used by companies of all sizes, universities/trade schools and government agencies. With offices worldwide, the company covers 12 territories across the globe, including the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Singapore and Brazil.


Google Ads/ Video Campaign/ YouTube Advertising/ Digital Marketing



Viral Video Campaign

Plinkfizz was tasked with making their latest company video “go viral”. The brief was to target key locations, sharing the video, which was rolled out in 12 different languages, in different language for each territory.

Plinkfizz optimised the brand’s YouTube channel with each individual video, while ensuring branding was consistent across the board.

Our team then launched both a Google Ads campaign and a YouTube campaign in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, France and Japan.


Higher rankings, more clicks and better conversions

The optimisation of CGTech’s YouTube channel successfully built upon brand awareness and increased the company’s overall visibility.

In the first month, the Viral Video Campaign generated 1,001,922 impressions on the CGTech company YouTube account.

The UK campaign generated 91,834 impressions, 47,029 views and had a 51% view rate.

The Indonesian campaign delivered 307,842 impressions, 120,389 views and a 39% view rate.

The Taiwanese campaign resulted in 1,222 clicks against 85,733 views meaning the average cost per click was £0.01.

43% view rate

3,472 Quality Clicks


1,001,922 account impressions

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