Plinkfizz Goes Mobile

Posted on: 16/08/2019 by Admin Admin

Data driven integrated marketing agency Plinkfizz has increased its service offering to give its customers more routes of communication and monitoring.

In the ever-growing digital era, it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the game and so Plinkfizz has developed a brand new platform to offer mobile marketing options to businesses. This has been complemented by a new intelligent phone call tracking platform which will help companies to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns.

MD Fiona Hawkins commented: “It’s no secret now that mobile is becoming more dominant in marketing and communications. Users are more likely to share content from mobile devices and people tend to check their mobiles hundreds of times per day. And so we’ve developed our new direct to mobile marketing platform to give our clients more options to deliver effective marketing campaigns.

“They now have the choice of communicating with their customers through a new medium and can tell stories, generate promotions, gather market intelligence and more in a simple and effective way.”

The integrated mobile engagement platform makes marketing campaigns for mobile devices simple.

This is complemented by a second new service, PROIntel. Fiona added: “Of course we all also know that showing return on investment is a hot topic in marketing right now. One way to monitor marketing campaigns is to use telephone tracking and monitoring. Our intelligent platform not only does that, but it also helps to measure the success of campaigns using advanced data analytics.”

PROIntel also offers business leaders the option of a call recording function, enabling them to use phone calls for training purposes. It’s a bespoke platform which can be used to service the needs of large or

small businesses as well as freelancers.

It helps users to optimise marketing, measure the impact of campaigns, monitor calls for training purposes, gain insight into customer behaviour, reduce the risk of lost sales due to unanswered calls and so much more depending on the businesses’ needs.

The two new services are the latest developments of Plinfizz’s continued growth and innovation. The company is going from strength to strength and is offering customers not only what they want, but what they need by thinking ahead and also preparing them for emerging trends.

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