How to beat the Instagram Algorithm in October 2022…

Over the last few years, many users may have noticed a significant drop in impressions, engagement and growth, due to Instagram’s 2022 algorithm. From these new updates, only 10% of your followers will have visibility of your post on their feed.

Algorithm is a term experts describe as decision-making technology. Instagram uses the algorithms to sort through content and then target accounts it thinks will want to have visibility of it. The Instagram algorithm works by noticing which content you enjoy and engage with and then aims to show you similar pieces, usually following a four-step ranking.

The four primary ranking factors which determines which content appears and where, are:

  1. The Content – this factor refers to when the post is live and which kind of post it is. With features such as Instagram Reels, Guides and Lives, the IG algorithm uses post types to decide which content will be showcased on your feed.
  2. The Poster – the IG algorithm factors in who and what you engage with. If your account comments or tags someone often, the algorithm will assume you have a relationship and therefore, show more of the account.
  3. User Activity – Instagram has added a feature where you can tailor your interests as you see fit. These interests of choice can determine the content you see or don’t.
  4. User Interactions – the IG algorithm keeps tabs on your app history, this can affect your engagement and reach if you are followed by users who have followed you for a long period of time, but don’t interact with your posts. This will push your account ranking lower and give users less visibility of your content.

What we recommend… 

As for the explore page…

The Instagram explore page has been designed to help users to discover new interests. The grid is made up of recommendations Instagram think you will be interested in. The platform follows similar steps when defining the types of content it will show you. It finds photos and videos you might be interested in, by analysing the interactions you’ve taken in the past. The best way the platform guesses how interested you are in something is by predicting how likely you are to interact with the post, some of the signals it follows include:

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