High performing team of the year award

Posted on: 23/04/2021 by Tina Meigh

For the third year running, we sponsored The High Performing Team of the Year Award at this year’s virtual Sentinel Business Awards and we’re pleased to congratulate the winner – Stoke Chiro Spinal Health Centre.

Very worth winners in a great category where competition was rife! Well done to all involved.

The High Performing Team of the Year Award recognises the achievements made by businesses throughout Staffordshire. And while there can be only one winner, the standard has been very high this year and it’s been a tough job for the judges!

To win this award, the team should have proven success in encouraging one another’s strengths and talents and have used these to achieve extraordinary results.

Their collaboration and communication should be outstanding with a focus on what really matters in the business.

High performing teams not only work well together, but they celebrate success together. They understand that success comes from a team effort and by working together to form strong working relationships and a culture of team determination, they can achieve great things.

With clear goals, the high performing team of the year will demonstrate great performance by creating and implementing innovative solutions, supported by strong communication.

In these strange times, it’s great to be able to celebrate local businesses. We’ve all heard of so many companies that haven’t been able to ride out the last year and it’s saddening to all of us. It’s been a tough year, we’ve all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ and change the way we work – possibly forever. Businesses have had to make difficult decisions and that’s why these awards are so important – to acknowledge those businesses that are still here and striving to be the best they can be. Coming together in celebration – albeit virtually and not together face to face – and showcasing the best of Staffordshire’s local business community.

At Plinkfizz, we all feel proud to work within a local business that also promotes teamwork and success, so we know what it takes to deliver at a high level. And this is why we wanted to sponsor the high performing team of the year award. To recognise, celebrate and encourage teams across Staffordshire to perform to their highest level. It’s something we feel passionate about and reading through the award entries and finding out about the teams has been both enlightening and encouraging – it’s been a pleasure to be a part of these awards and the shortlisting process.

All of the teams in this category were worthy candidates and their dedication to making sure that they succeed is celebrated with these awards – and we were really pleased to have had the opportunity to share in the celebrations.

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