Google’s Core Update

Posted on: 16/01/2020 by Plinkfizz

It’s important to maintain peak performance, keep your core engaged and build strength and resilience.

Yes it’s January. No we’re not talking about personal fitness!

Your website needs some TLC, but definitely not some R&R.

Every year Google makes thousands of updates to the algorithms it uses to deliver different results and experiences for people using its search engine.

Rumoured to be coming for a while, the latest Google Core Update officially starts to roll out this week.

And it’s a big one!

This rollout will affect search results on a global scale, and it differs from previous updates as there have been no clearcut instructions on how to deal with the impact.

This is how Google describes its own update…

Imagine you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later you refresh the list. It’s going to naturally change. Some new and wonderful movies that never existed before will now be candidates for inclusion. You might also reassess some films and realise that they deserved a higher place on the list than they had before.”

With this in mind, it is being widely reported that some pages are dropping ranking, and others are increasing. This doesn’t necessarily mean the pages that drop in ranking are wrong, they’re just being reassessed through a new lens.

If search engine visibility and website traffic are important to your business, it’s critical, in the coming days and weeks, to keep an eye on your rankings and understand how the Google Core update has affected your rankings, both in terms of drops and yes – there may also be some gains. It’s not all bad news!

If your rankings do drop, we can work with you to develop a content strategy to protect, mitigate or improve search rankings.

If you’re not sure of how to view your page traffic or rankings – just ask us, we’ll point you in the right direction and can even provide training to you, should you need it.

Health and Wellbeing

So, super servers, cyber security and technical expertise.

They all have the potential to impact on your Google search rankings. That’s right, you read correctly.

If your website is hosted on a sub-optimal server, it can affect site speed and ultimately Google rankings. After all, why would Google send traffic to a slow website – when it has thousands of others to choose from?

Regardless of Google updates, the health and wellbeing of any website is impacted on first and foremost by technical and quality issues. If you’re currently a Plinkfizz client and haven’t taken advantage of your free technical website audit, get in touch with a member of our team today to schedule yours.

If you’re not yet a Plinkfizz client, would like to know more about making your website perform better and deliver improved results within days, drop us a line and we’ll talk you through the easy next steps to make this happen.

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