Ethical SEO strategy for businesses

Posted on: 27/07/2020 by Hannah Natalello

What is SEO strategy?

If your business operates online and makes use of a website there is a very good chance you will be familiar with the term search engine optimisation (usually shortened to SEO). SEO strategy refers to a set of techniques that can be applied to a website to help improve performance in search engines, and works by bringing your site in line with current best practices set out by search engine algorithms.

Algorithms produced by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are designed to match web searchers with the most relevant and appropriate results for the search terms used. If this was done in real time as searches are made it would take an unacceptable length time for search engines to find and deliver the most appropriate results.

Search engines counter this issue by automatically scanning the web for new sites, crawling them, analysing them, and finally adding them to an index of all the websites which can be found publicly online.

They also periodically crawl existing sites to check for content changes to make sure their index is kept as up to date as possible and that the results being served are still meeting searchers’ expectations. The more fully your website matches the requirements set out by algorithms the better it will perform in search engine results pages (SERPS).

Effective, ethical SEO

SEO can seem like a complex marketing technique, but it can be explained by covering the three main aspects that make up an overall strategy. The first to consider is the code and overall structure that make up your website. The more clean, efficient and intuitive this is, the better your site will perform in terms of loading speeds and user experience.

Next, your site content will need some consideration. Audits will highlight areas where your site content isn’t working optimally for whatever reason and provide you with opportunities to improve it. Site content covers your written copy such as blogs, category descriptions and landing pages as well as other content formats including images and video.

Proper content strategy is one of the strongest techniques you can adopt to boost your search engine performance. Content that performs best is information dense, relevant, demonstrates specialist knowledge, and is trustworthy and accurate. It’s no longer considered best practice to spam your webpages with keywords – in fact this can contribute to your site being penalised and is therefore best avoided.

The final piece of the puzzle relates to your website’s coverage that can be found published by other sources online, and all these links and favourable mentions of your brand form your backlink profile. Sites that produce quality content naturally attract shares on social media and outreach opportunities and these help direct search engines’ attention to your site. The most impactful backlink profiles contain links from a range of sources and show sustainable growth over time.

SEO strategy tailored to your business needs

There are levels of complexity to SEO and it is an incredibly versatile and scalable set of techniques that can be planned around your specific needs and goals. It is the ideal strategy to complement your PPC and wider marketing plan as it works by building strong reputations to deliver lasting results. We only ever use ethical practices to drive results and give your brand the edge over your competitors.

Plinkfizz’s Google certified search specialists take the time to understand what makes your company tick, and harness this to connect you with a larger, more engaged audience. If you are ready to build resilience into your marketing strategy and boost your search engine performance, nurture your reputation and break into new markets then contact us today.

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