Disruptive Marketing, What the ****!

Posted on: 24/09/2019 by Admin Admin

In a time when customers are looking for something different and want a competitive edge, businesses need to think outside of traditional marketing approaches and even break a few rules to get people to behave differently.

So, what is disruptive marketing?

There are two types of disruptive marketing:

  • The novelty factor which makes people think in a new way about products and services
  • Innovating to move new products and services forward to be faster, better and more cost effective like this example from DollarShaveClub

Plinkfizz solves customer headaches!

Using marketing approaches that are outside the box, such as disruptive marketing, is an effective way of telling a story to your customers. Here are our top tips to what a campaign should include:

  1. Approachable: We love Lego Ideas, where Lego lovers can submit their designs and the one that gets 10,000 votes will be designed and released as a product.
  2. Cost cutting and affordability: For customers who haven’t got big budgets for marketing, it can be an impactful and affordable way to reach your audience effectively.
  3. Curiosity factor: This is where a campaign attracts people with intrigue to make them want to look for more information. Customers like these disruptive marketing campaigns because they encourage thinking in a completely different way about a product. Sudocrem is not just for babies bottoms! – it can soothe the whole family.
  4. Experimentation: With disruptive marketing it’s a great opportunity to experiment and the best of it is, you don’t have to stick to the rules! Yeeeeehhhhhhaaaaa! Our favourite example of this is the Nissan Versa Note on Amazon, the car being delivered in an Amazon box.

So, what makes a good campaign?

Disruptive Marketing

  1. Know your industry
  2. Profile your customer
  3. This is your chance to be different
  4. Be current
  5. Be funny – people love to laugh!
  6. Use unexpected collaborations
  7. Cross that line!

If you want to disrupt the norm, change buyer behaviours and are interested in some advice about disruptive marketing, we’re here to help you cross that line!

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