Paul Hawkins – Blood Biker Challenge Update

Posted on: 29/10/2021 by Josie Devine

Over the past 9 weeks, Paul has completed 5 more ride-outs. These are 2 hours minimum with the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) observer, which takes place in the evenings, weekends and sometimes in the dark!

On Tuesday 19th, Paul took the Advanced Rider Assessment, being observed by a current Central Motorways Police Officer. The weather was heavy rain and the riding conditions far from ideal, visibility was also poor at times. Starting on London Road, Newcastle, they completed 31 miles, in 1 hour, on varying roads along with town riding in Stafford.

At the end of the assessment, Paul achieved a grade F1RST, which is higher than a pass! This means he is one step closer to becoming a Blood Biker. Fun fact – only 15% of the Advanced tests taken get awarded this.

The grading criteria is so specific, here is an insight into the areas that the observer looks for:

Safety and legality 1

Gear changing 1

Cornering 1

System 1

Use of gearbox 1

Overtaking 2

Observation 1

Acceleration / sense 1

Restraint / progress 1

Planning and hazard

management 1

Mirrors / rear observation 1

Human factors & concentration 1

Anticipation 1 Steering 1 Courtesy 1

Vehicle sympathy & eco-driving 1

Braking 1

Slow manoeuvring 1

Positioning 1

Signals 2

Smoothness 1

Spoken thought 2

Knowledge 1

The next steps for Paul will be to attend a Zoom call for Blood handling training on the evening of November 2nd, 2021.

Keep your eye out for our next Blood Bike Challenge Update.

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