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Guerrilla Marketing – what’s it all about?

With the average modern person now being exposed to around 5,000 ads per day it’s no wonder the strain is beginning to show between the digital advertising industry and the consumer.

One way to meet the challenge of raising your brand profile while avoiding specific advertising content, is to get into your creative flow and adopt a marketing strategy which hijacks your target audience where they least expect it – hence the name…

Guerrilla Marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Advertising in 1984 and is now synonymous with unconventional marketing encompassing everything from publicity stunts to viral videos and stencil graffiti.

Its tactics rely on the element of surprise, catching people unexpectedly in the course of their day-to-day routines, and is often an ideal route for businesses with limited budgets as the investment is more of a creative one.

Guerrilla marketing can happen outdoors, indoors, at an event – where you ambush an audience already in-situ, like at a concert – and experiential guerrilla marketing which tries to immerse your consumers with your product by engaging as many of their senses as possible.

Its meaning is relatively simple – in essence, the art of getting consumers to pay attention. Put simply, if it isn’t newsworthy then it’s probably not guerrilla.

Here at Plinkfizz we love a bit of creative genius, so if our top 10 guerrilla campaigns have inspired you to look outside the box (possibly literally) to boost your business, then here’s some quick pointers to lead you towards viral marketing genius…

  1. The more knowledge you have, the more creative you can be – identify the biggest problem your service solves then find a way to broadcast that to the public without words.
  2. Think about the things your audience pass by every day and make those things do something different and unexpected – like the manhole covers that were turned into coffee cups.
  3. Guerrilla marketing can be digital so consider where your audience exists online then give them a show to get people talking – think creative use of video and a bit of photoshop!
  4. Create a form of accidental human interaction which will remind people of what your product does. Catch people where they are and insert your brand there, but in a way which doesn’t interrupt them but invites them to participate.

The effectiveness of guerrilla marketing campaigns can be measured by the amount of attention they attract – in contemporary marketing terms, the amount of engagement they incite.

In summary, your guerrilla idea should centre around the main benefit your business or product offers. Sadly, such creative thinking appears to be lacking in the B2B market when we looked around, but watch this space…

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