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Plinkfizz cashes in on Cryptocurrency

Integrated marketing agency, Plinkfizz is proving to be at the forefront of innovation and has become the first full-service agency to accept Cryptocurrency.


Recognising the dynamic and agile change in marketing conditions, Plinkfizz is accepting a variety of Cryptocurrency for services such as Google AdWords, website design and build, PR services, social media marketing and more, to allow businesses to be more efficient.


Owner and MD of Plinkfizz, Fiona Hawkins said: “The great thing about Cryptocurrency is that regular transactions can be instant. With traditional transactions, there is a delay of at least two hours but by accepting Cryptocurrency we are enabling companies to do business quickly, more efficiently and more securely due to its use of blockchain technology.


“New industries are emerging every day and they are expecting to access the very latest technology. As businesses continue to evolve they need everything to be more instant and completely secure.


“We pride ourselves on thinking and delivering above and beyond what a traditional marketing agency often provides. Plinkfizz is a strategic thinker and business partner, recognising the changes in markets and collaborating with businesses to help them grow.


“Cryptocurrency is the latest example of how we should be evolving with other businesses and making our service fully accessible to the new companies who have a strong technology focus.”


Plinkfizz will be accepting Litecoin and Ethereum as well as Bitcoin giving businesses more payment options.


Fiona added: “Everyone recognises Bitcoin as a brand but there are different types of Cryptocurrency available so we don’t want to limit ourselves to just one.”


To find out more about Plinkfizz and to hear what the team can do for you call: 0333 009 6266


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