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New Wardell Armstrong website goes live and thrives

“Clunky, outdated and lacking functionality” – those were the words international engineering, environmental and mining consultancy Wardell Armstrong used to describe their former website.

For the team at Plinkfizz those words made us excited to tender and meet the challenge of creating a modern, engaging website which better reflected Wardell Armstrong, and the countless services that they offer.

Our team got to work to create a robust website which is not only optimised for search visibility but delivers a clear and simple user journey coupled with clever design and fresh imagery to create a great first impression to prospective Wardell Armstrong clients.

Plinkfizz head of design and studio Rob Forster, said: “A big part of our brief was to move the brand positioning on in terms of design and styling and photography, as well as vastly improve the user experience of the website and give it a more leading-edge tech feel.

“Part of creating that feel to the site was to ensure each page had an element of animation on it in order to keep the user engaged. This was done not only in the page headers, but also on text boxes and images through scroll activated animation. Even the staff photography has animated functionality.

“Photography is critical, which is why we commissioned and led a bespoke shoot to create styled shots and a bank of images of their key people. People photography was an essential element as Wardell Armstrong is a consultancy, so their people are their strength and main resource.”

With the challenge of streamlining more than 700 pages of content to around 60 pages smart functionality was key, so a mega menu was created for user ease giving a quick route to click into their area of interest.  Once in the service area, the user can identify the people relevant to their project and contact them directly. This was another part of the website brief to Plinkfizz, as when Wardell Armstrong specialists speak to clients they convert calls to projects well.

Each page was given sticky navigation, allowing the main sitemap to stay with the user as they scroll down a page making it easy to navigate to another part of the website. Contact buttons were created which are visible on each page, making it easy for the user to get in touch via social media, phone or email.

The end results? A very happy client…

Wardell Armstrong Chairman, Mike Hassall

 “We were very keen to use a local supplier and we knew about Plinkfizz, so we asked them to take part in a mini-tender to create and build our new website. As we have offices in Manchester and London we’d had suggestions to use agencies based there, but we liked the initial designs and concepts Plinkfizz came up with, so we selected Plinkfizz.

Working with the team at Plinkfizz was enjoyable, interesting and pain-free, and we would certainly recommend them to work with and we will certainly be using them again.”

Wardell Armstrong Marketing Manager, Jo Heaton

“People do judge your business from your website, and to be honest, I was becoming embarrassed to promote our old site as it was very outdated. We were lucky to receive one incoming enquiry from it per week.

“From a functionality point of view, it was difficult to update and adapt as it was built on a bespoke platform, so for example, we could only display three staff on a service page despite having over 450 specialists, but the site didn’t reflect that. It was really limited and adding video or making it mobile or tablet friendly wasn’t an option.

“Plinkfizz definitely met the brief for us, providing a site which is simple for me to update and manage and we now receive quality customer enquiries every day. One came within an hour of the site going live, then we received feedback from one of our technical directors that his client had complimented our new website appearance and speed.

“Having managed the project, I found the communication with Plinkfizz and the process of working with them was good. Internally, the feedback from our staff has been positive, and we’re now looking at developing the site further with Plinkfizz over the coming months.”


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