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Exciting News…PROIntel

ProIntel is a bespoke tracking and monitoring system which enables you to measure and track the impact of PR and Marketing in your business. This intelligent phone system allows you to measure responses from your campaigns to identify the most successful marketing solutions to meet the growing demands of clients.

Why PROIntel?

PROIntel gives you the power to gain a quality insight into your business. Often it is difficult to track the responses and interactions of your campaigns but call tracking systems will give you more transparency to do this. Measuring performance of campaigns will enable you to track and maximise your return on investment by understanding where your marketing spend will receive its most success. By closely monitoring your campaigns you will gain a bigger insight into your audience and their behaviour. Through PROIntel you can understand the timings of when your audience is most active and discover which campaigns catch the eye of which audience demographics to make sure every campaign yields the best results.

Measure your success and prove return on investment the easy way.


For a small cost we will provide you with local geographic and national telephone numbers which we will allocate to different marketing solutions such as PR campaigns, print media or social media. Don’t worry, there’s no hassle of setting up new phone lines as these telephone numbers will all divert directly to your old number. All your calls are safe and secure with us, we pride ourselves on a reliable service for every individual client.


Track sales performance

Our call tracking solutions will enable you to extract the data that show the success of your marketing campaigns through an understanding of linking together marketing campaign to sales conversion

Inbound and outbound call recording

Develop an insight into how sales calls are handled by your staff and use it to monitor and improve customer service. Improve sales by monitoring keywords and quality conversations that led to sales conversion.

Greater audience insights

In any business it is important to have a greater understanding of your audience demographic, our call tracking solutions gives you the power to understand when your audience is most active and interested.

Find out more

Why wait? In an ever-growing world of marketing, call tracking is a crucial feature to show how sales are being generated and understanding changing consumer needs. We understand you have targets and business goals which is why we always break boundaries to create forward thinking solutions for clients. Our goal is to improve your marketing solutions to maximise your return on investment.

Get in touch for a quote tailored to your business’s needs.

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