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How effectively are you using your data insights?

Check out our Top 5 Data Insight Tips below to help you use your analytics to drive performance uplifts.

Tip One – Know Your Goal

Identify what you are trying to achieve.  When you know your goal, you can make sure the metrics you use are relevant.  For example, are you trying to raise brand awareness with a video ad.  Have a look at the amount of time spent viewing the video.

Tip Two – Lookout for the Anomalies

Does something in the results look a bit unexpected. Find out what activity was carried out that day and can be attributed to the activity.

Tip Three – Be brave and dive into your analytics

Are you seeing a sudden peak in your stats?  It could be very easy to assume that it’s all the amazing marketing work you did at that time.  However, you need to prove it!  Have a look in Google Analytics and see where the traffic is coming from.

Tip Four – Test, Test, Test

Success is built on Failure.  The best way to know what works is to test.  Try different call to actions, content, design and see what works best for your target market.

Tip Five – Don’t make the same mistake twice

Did your last post not quite attract the attention you were expecting?  Make a note of what didn’t work and consider what could be changed.  It’s great to keep testing but if you aren’t learning from your tests all that work gets lost.  Make a note of your recommendations and apply them to your next campaign.

Need help with your strategic insight?

At Plinkfizz we can help you leverage your marketing research and analytics to develop insight driven marketing strategies.

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