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5 signs that mean it might be time for a new website

How old is your website? Is it more than a few years old? Does it do a good job of communicating your business? Is your information easy to find? Are your rankings on search engines slipping?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider a new website.

You might be thinking that a website re-design isn’t a good investment – but having a good website isn’t just about what your website looks like. It’s also about the user journey and how easy it is to find your information.

Website technology constantly changes, and it can be a challenge to stay on top of the algorithms that search engines use to rank your website. Website visitors and the way they view websites is changing – and you need to be ahead of the game and make sure your website evolves.

Updating your website doesn’t have to cost the earth. A simple re-design might just give your website the boost it needs. But you must be prepared to invest in this important communication tool if dated design is also backed up with a poor user experience.

Here’s five simple considerations that may indicate that it’s time to talk to someone about a new website:

  • Are your customers complaining they can’t find the information they need? Most people don’t visit websites to be entertained, they view them to find out information. It might be about a company, its services or products. A recent survey suggests that over 75% of website visitors said that finding information easily was their number one priority – with how it looks and works, coming in second and third.
  • Your content hasn’t been updated in a while. Do you have blogs that never quite get written and nothing new posted for long periods of time? Do you have news items that have been on your website ‘forever’? Visitors can tell when a site hasn’t been updated for a while – and so can search engines! Things like menus, blogs, news, announcements can all become dated very quickly and it’s important to keep on top of your website content.
  • Is your website responsive? Website visitors are using mobile devices such as phones and tablets more and more frequently and if your website can’t be viewed correctly on these platforms, your visitor numbers will go down.
  • Is your website social? As more and more people use social media, it’s important to include these links on your website so that your visitors can easily find your social media channels. You should also think about adding in social sharing buttons to any pages with important information.
  • How busy is your website? It’s great to have lots of information on a website, but if it’s not useful – or not being looked at – what’s the point of it being there? It causes unnecessary clutter and can prevent your website visitors from finding the information they’re after. There’s lots of tools you can use to discover what your visitors are looking at and how they’re using your website and ways you can improve how the information is presented to make it easier to find.

So, is it time to talk about a new website?

If reading this has highlighted that your website is indeed in need of some TLC and an update, the next step should be a website audit. Plinkfizz has a team of specialists that can review your website and not only provide solutions to improve its performance, but a creative team that can re-imagine the user experience and make your website one of the best.

Find out about our website audits and how to get the ball rolling here.

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