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HOT or NOT – have apps had their day?

178 billion apps were downloaded last year. That’s an average of 25 apps for every single person on this planet.

But are apps enough to provide true user brand engagement with mobile users?


If an app is not delivering a unique, powerful, immersive experience that leverages the desires and wants of an experiential driven economy, we would say not.

Likewise, brands are no longer able to rely on mobile-optimised websites. Although easier to develop and with good maintenance options, mobile web traffic now surpasses desktop. A mobile-optimised website is now a simple, basic expectation from consumers.

So, what’s the answer?

A hybrid website development solution that integrates the best of both technologies and combine these into a platform that delivers exceptional brand experience for consumers.

With this approach, operating systems on mobile devices can run websites with some features of a native app.

These hybrid platforms can not only function like a traditional website, but can also provide push notifications and offline functionality – in a similar way that an app will.

All in all, this provides a more seamless planned digital experience to the consumer, breaking down the barrier of moving across multiple platforms to receive a full consumer journey. With this, any potential barriers to sale through the process are effectively removed. Maximising the effectiveness of the customer journey particularly on ecommerce consumer websites.

This new hybrid is called Progressive Web Apps.

PWA technology is being leveraged by some of the most ambitious brands globally.

In fact, when upgraded their website to a PWA, the brand saw a 31 percent increase in mobile conversions.

In addition, the brand received 20% more page views and 2x lower bounce rate.

Read the full case study from Google here.

Marketing agencies now have access to this powerful and reliable platform that has the potential to transform your brand experience.

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