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Philip Astley Project garners national recognition

As a Staffordshire-based agency, when a project comes in that asks us to showcase a fantastic piece of our county’s history, we thrive.

That’s what happened with the Philip Astley Project which we helped to launch in 2016. We created the Philip Astley Project brand and now we’re thrilled to see it featuring on national platforms.

Our designers worked incredibly hard on the concept for the Philip Astley Project and we nurtured it from conception, to creation of brand assets, to launch.

We were tasked with producing a robust brand and platform to raise the profile of Newcastle-under-Lyme performer Philip Astley and of informing people locally of his heritage. Philip Astley is renowned in the performance industry as the creator of the 42 foot circus ring. We used this aspect of his background to create a recognisable brand.

The elements that stood out to us, which would represent Philip Astley as a brand were circles and movement. Our wonderful designers created a brand by hand sketching a range of continuous line drawings which evoked movement and incorporated many circular motions. These drawings represented various elements of the circus, e.g. the horse, the acrobat, the circus ring and became an integral part of the brand.

The Philip Astley Project

These illustrations are simple, effective and timeless. They can be transferred to any type of collateral or campaign effectively. Once the branding was complete this was applied to a range of marketing materials which complemented the official launch of the project.

The Philip Astley Project branding

The Philip Astley Project branding

This was managed and run by our excellent marketing team. A business engagement event was held at Keele Hall to draw up interest from local businesses, to let them know one of Staffordshire’s historical legends was being celebrated and to generate support.

The Philip Astley Project event

The event was held to promote the project and to showcase the profile-raising opportunities available to the business community.

The Philip Astley Project event

Following the incredibly successful launch, Plinkfizz then designed and built the Philip Astley Project website to truly celebrate the father of modern circus.

The Philip Astley Project

Our team thoroughly enjoyed unleashing their creativity on this. Keeping the theme of movement and circles as a main theme, the content on the website drops into place and moves down as the user scrolls. We also used an accordion style interface on some copy to make sure the pages weren’t too text heavy. Again, this was in-keeping with the theme of movement which is present throughout the entire Philip Astley Project brand.

So, as you can see, a lot of Plinkfizz time and energy went into developing an exciting and identifiable brand which has achieved national recognition from platforms such as the BBC.

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