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Why moving logos will benefit your business

It’s no secret that moving image is becoming increasingly popular.

Social media content is now more orientated towards videos and gif files. Not only is moving image popular between friends on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but brands are using moving image to communicate to their core stakeholders.

A good place to start with moving image is your logo. It is an effective way to communicate the brand differently and to give your audience an insight into what your business is all about.

Everyone approaches it differently. Many choose a fun style – we have with ours. We have animated our logo to represent our company’s personality. Fun, friendly and creative.

(Credit: Plinkfizz)

Others may want to showcase more of what they do. Such as Logitech, its logo really illustrates what the brand does by using animations of keyboards, a mouse, speakers etc.

(Credit:Nikita Melnikov)

Glug shows a fun and friendly way to animate a logo for a trendy events company. It’s vibrant and colourful which fits in with the brand messaging.

(Credit: Marcus Chaloner)

Using moving image, in this case the logo, is a fantastic way of demonstrating what your business can do. It shows that your brand is current and innovative. In our case, it lets clients new and old see that we are forward thinking and competent at animations, graphics and moving image.

We really like Google’s moving logo. It’s colourful and highlights that they are specialists in something new – in this case the voice search.  It takes you on the Google journey by showing the microphone, the listening icon and then the search dots.

(Credit: Adam Grabowski)

We would love to see your company’s or any of your favourite moving logos. Please share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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