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How does your site measure up for Facebook?

By now, Facebook marketing will be integrated deep into your digital marketing strategy. In some cases, it’s probably one of your biggest traffic referral sources. That could soon change as Facebook announces a different way of prioritising ads in the news feed of your customers.

It’s no secret that profitability is a huge factor when Facebook makes decisions on where your ad is shown, and that normally comes down to how much money you’re willing to put behind it. Facebook also holds some values to continue to keep the consumer experience as natural as possible, and giving them the best experience when using Facebook.

Every Facebook user has at some point been a victim of slow loading links, particularly through mobile. As this happens more and more, users start to become frustrated with the platform and tend not to click on as many links. The problem for Facebook is these clicks are huge revenue points for the Zuckerberg Empire, less clicks means less money.

So what are they doing about it?

Aside from determining where your ad is shown based on your highest bid and your budget; Facebook will now be testing your load speed. Those ads with faster links will be shown first to your customers, with slower links showing further down the news feed maybe even not at all. This could have a huge impact on reach in your campaigns.

It does pay to keep your website fast and responsive in the ever-growing digital world. With social media platforms refining the way they work, it’s time businesses caught up.

If your website could do with a quick tidy up or a complete overhaul, get in touch with our specialist web design and developer team today.

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