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Instagram provides better business tools for brands.

mobile screen with instagram showing
Since it’s launch back in 2010, Instagram has been a great tool for marketers, but without the business tools we see on other social media platforms.

Great news! – Instagram has listened to businesses all over the world and has added the tools brands need to improve their marketing and integrate it into their digital strategy. How does that effect us though? We can use these tools to allow us to integrate Instagram marketing into your digital marketing strategy.

The new tools include new insights, to let us see how we’re performing for you, allowing us to optimise our campaigns and get better returns.

The popular promote post feature has also been added. Facebook has been using this feature for years and brands love it! It allows us to see which posts are performing well and push them to a wider audience, getting more reach and better results. On Instagram, this feature will come in really handy to get your images in front of the right people!

To allow these features to run smoothly, we’re also able to identify as a business profile now. This helps users distinguish between personal and business accounts as well as adding nice little features such as a contact button.

Needless to say, Facebook has been using these features for years now and bringing them to Instagram is only going to help brands reach their audience on yet another platform. With over 400 million users, there’s a good chance your customers are using Instagram, if they are, you need to be.

If you think Instagram could complement your existing digital campaign, or even be your first step in the digital world, our team of marketing specialists can make it happen for your brand.

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