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Are you using digital to it’s full potential?

Here at Plinkfizz we believe that, in a world of connectivity, reputation is everything. But what do we mean by this? By protecting and growing your reputation with engagement expertise, we can help your business to thrive in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Back in the 90’s the digital world consisted of websites, lots and lots of websites, as time has gone on, companies and website owners have worked hard to try and differentiate themselves from everyone else. How did they do this? – by implementing a digital strategy.

Google doesn’t just display a random selection of websites to choose from when you start to search for something. Google reads each and every website in it’s directory to determine whether it’s suitable for the millions of searches that it handles every week. This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes into play. If your website is optimised for search as well as it can be, you’ll be at the top of the first page on a Google search. If you’re not there already, you’ve still got some work to do to get there.

If it’s not possible to get to the top with SEO, then Pay per Click is another option to make you stand out to your customers. PPC automatically places you at the top of the list in a search term, providing you’ve got the highest bid on that search term. Too many companies make the mistake of setting up their AdWords account with Google and leaving it to run on it’s own. Bob, our PPC specialist is an expert in making your PPC budget work harder and get you better returns.

Back in 2005 when Facebook started online, no one anticipated how much impact social media would have on the marketing world. Social media has been able to blow all of the impossibilities with marketing out of the water. By Social Media Marketing we don’t just mean posting a few times a week on your page and forgetting about it. There’s so much more you can do! Do you know when your customers and potential customers are online? Do you target new customers by looking at your existing customers? If not, you should do. Our team of specialists can help your business to thrive in the digital world.

The digital world doesn’t stop there. If you’re doing all of the above, but feel like you could be getting more from your digital marketing – get in touch with our digital specialists who can integrate a digital strategy into your marketing plan.


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