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Brexit – What’s Next for Savvy Marketers?

The UK is coming to terms with the result of the EU Referendum but businesses cannot afford to wait for realisation and consequence to play out.

In a time of uncertainty, industry leaders look for tangible, measureable outputs. Failing confidence in the UK’s economy will not be an issue for many companies, but for those whose lifeblood lies within this Isle of ours, maintaining the status quo and driving future growth has never been more critical.

Spend must be managed meticulously to ensure maximum effectiveness of any investment in marketing and communications.

Increasingly, brands are moving away from traditional above-the-line spend and leveraging the power and flexibility of digital media.

In the first quarter of this year, The Bellwether report detailed a +9.8% net increase in internet spending, with marketers turning to digital channels where success can be measured without question.

In short, for stability and campaign management – making sure your marketing budget works to maximum effectiveness, it is critical that digital forms part of your marketing strategy.

Let us know if you would like to know how this can work for your business.

Fiona Hawkins
Managing Director

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