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Introducing Pipsta – the little printer with BIG ideas!

Raspberry Pi thermal printer

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In a world where most of our content lives behind a touchscreen, the Raspberry Pi community is challenging the status quo – pulling stuff off the internet and putting it onto paper.

Hardware hackers kick-started the trend using webservers, Arduinos and thermal printers to experiment with printing weather reports, status updates from London Underground and their own Twitter feeds.

Now, Cheshire based printer manufacturer, Able Systems has created Pipsta – a smart little printer that connects to a Raspberry Pi and allows users to print anything from tickets, labels, and QR codes to fancy fonts, mini certificates, huge banners and poetry via a thermal printing process.

The Pipsta has NFC capabilities and a USB interface for quick, convenient set up and super-fast transmission.

Derek Way from Able, says: “We’re really proud of Pipsta. It looks great and the clear acrylic, self-assembly case allows easy access to all connectors on your Raspberry Pi.

“It only takes 45 minutes to assemble, so it will appeal to people who are more interested in spending their time playing with software and tapping into the Internet of Things or Internet of People, rather than wrangling with hardware.  No need for soldering irons or fancy equipment – it’s child’s play!”

Pipsta’s compact design and thermal printing technology means you can print quietly and quickly, you don’t need ink and it’s easy to replace the paper.

Pipsta can be used for education or by hobbyists at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. The Raspberry Pi uses python scripts and the possibilities for what you can print are endless.

Derek Way, says: “We can’t wait to see what people are doing with their Pipstas. We’ve already had some amazing ideas from a Christmas cracker joke generator to using Pipsta with ultrasonics. Some of the ideas are brilliant and have really surprised us.”

Enthusiasts can share their code and videos of projects they’ve completed at or they can email their ideas to

Able Systems is a friend of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity set up to promote the study of computer science and related topics, especially at school level, and to put the fun back into learning computing. Able will donate 10% of the profit of every Pipsta sold in 2015 to the Foundation.

The printer is exclusively available from Modmypi

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