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How do you ‘like’ your #hashtags?!

Making social media part of your daily marketing, communication and selling ritual is important. But making sure your social approach speaks to your customers/clients is vital.

Have you ever asked your customers how they found you or why they chose you over someone else? If you don’t do this, it’s worth taking the time to find out. You can then use this information to decide which social media platforms you’re going to use and develop worthwhile content that will add to your business growth.

Don’t heavily rely on one digital medium – what works for some of your customers won’t necessarily work for others. You can deliver the same message but spreading it across media channels will improve the reach of your company brand. Remember, most people see things at least three times before they actually take any notice of it! Don’t shy away from putting your name out there on a multitude of social media platforms.

If you’re still unsure whether social media is for you, why not talk to our experts about social media management. We can help you to decide what would work best for you and if you don’t want the stress of having to deal with it all yourself, we can also help with that too – get in touch.

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