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Sales roles prove hardest to fill survey reveals

EMPLOYERS have revealed more people were jobseeking across Staffordshire/Cheshire in 2014 motivated by career progression and better pay.

The annual employer survey conducted by Brampton Recruitment, has revealed a 19 per cent increase in people seeking a new job last year compared to 2013, though sales vacancies are proving the hardest to fill (30 per cent), with engineering and manufacturing vacancies coming a close second (23 per cent).

Encouragingly, 36 per cent of employers questioned said their main reason for recruiting in 2014 was due to business growth, and over 30 per cent of them are looking at awarding salary increases or cash bonuses this year to their employees.

Charlotte Walker, recruitment team leader at Brampton Recruitment, said: “Your sales representatives are often the first people new clients will associate with your business, so it’s crucial that your sales division are highly motivated.

“In the current hiring market companies need to move fast to secure talent, as quality candidates are receiving multiple job offers, and with salary and career progression being the main motivators employers need to proactively benchmark their pay levels so they remain competitive.” 

The results reflect closely national figures released by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), whose survey of more than 1,000 UK workers and managers showed a dramatic increase in the proportion of UK workers planning to move jobs compared to other years. Previous surveys reported only 19% were planning to move in 2014, while just 13% planned a career move in 2013.

Of those who left their jobs in 2014, 35% cited greater opportunity for progression as their main motivation for seeking a new role – compared to only 12% who sought a higher salary. Now in 2015, that has increased to 59%, meaning that increased opportunity is a job seekers number one priority, beating a better salary (56%), a more interesting role (50%) and better management (30%).

Brampton currently has sales posts in a variety of sectors from IT to accountancy and estate agency with salaries ranging from £14,000 to £40,000 a year.

Here are some top tips from the Brampton team when it comes to recruiting sales staff:

1. Make sure you job posts are well written. Think of a job post as a news headline which should make the person want to read more. The opening paragraph needs to hit their buttons. Where is the mention of money, career advancement, challenges, selling tools, growth potential? These are the things which grab attention.

2. Don’t use third person language in the advert. Write it as if you were speaking directly to the salesperson you want to hire, and when you list your requirements only list things which are deal breakers because the more things you list the more likely someone won’t apply.

3. Have a solid company website. Candidates often check this first before applying as a way to evaluate an organisation. Use your website to host information like what your organisation stands for, your corporate responsibility report, press releases and links to any content you produce like a blog. Top performers will often research an organisation to ensure their values align.

4. Make sure you connect online. Not surprisingly the vast majority of job seekers now search for jobs online, so try posting job openings on your LinkedIn page or use a special job hashtag on Twitter. Since candidates are already actively looking online, you’ll be able to connect with them better if you actually have a presence.

5. Your employees are your best brand. If they enjoy working at your company then they’ll recommend you to others and word of mouth is still an effective form of securing a good candidate. Make sure you’re working to engage with your current employees, otherwise you’re hindering your recruitment strategy.

To find out more about the full range of current sales roles available across a wide range of sectors at Brampton Recruitment log on to or call 01782 667591

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