Public Relations

National and regional PR and media campaigns reaching out to audiences and telling your brand story in the most compelling way.

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Public Relations

Are you looking for a PR company in Stoke-on-Trent? We are leading media relations specialists delivering high quality PR solutions in Stoke, Staffordshire and across the Midlands from our new office on Lyme Road in Stoke.

At Plinkfizz, our national and regional PR campaigns reach out to audiences and tell your story in the most powerful way. Whether it’s managing your corporate reputation, building your online profile or directly impacting on your bottom line, we harness the power of public relations with excellent results. From national media and regional TV to trade publications and local press, we understand what will make an impact on your customers and how you can hit the headlines.

Media Relations Experts

As a leading Media Relations company we have worked with clients looking for PR in Stoke, Staffordshire, the Midlands and across the UK for many years.   Whether you are a business start-up in Stoke or an established brand with a national presence we can work our PR magic for your business.  We are experienced in public relations across a variety of business sectors such as retail, leisure, entertainment, energy, professional services, education and more.

Public Relations Specialists

Our talented team of PR specialists can help you connect with more customers by delivering exceptional PR campaigns across suitable channels which generate excellent results and clear business benefits for you. So if you need media coverage in Stoke, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, the Midlands or anywhere throughout the UK and you’d like us to work our PR magic for you – just drop us a line.

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