A Changing Landscape: How COVID-19 Shapes Communications

Posted on: 15/04/2020 by Plinkfizz

A significant shift. A tilting world. A new normal.

Behaviours, markets and media have all changed. The terrible pandemic that we’re in the midst of is forcing global change at a pace never experienced before.

We know that media consumption in recent weeks has soared. Social media plays a large part in this, with reports varying from a 20% uptake to a whopping 43% increase.

But should your company take advantage of this upsurge? If so, how should it be done?

The most important consideration is that your messaging is in line with the experiences that people are going through.

Categorically, your brand should not be seen as profiteering from the current situation.

A respectful tone that acknowledges how people are feeling at the moment is far more likely to be responded to in a positive way. Think about what value your brand can bring to your audiences.

How can you use your knowledge and insight in your sector to encourage people and deliver learning.

If your brand is driven by core values, now is that the time to let them shine through and truly position what you stand for. This single, positive action can set you aside from your competitors in an instant.

If you can’t sell or service at the moment, explain and be visible about what you will be doing in the coming weeks and months.

Some people may wish to hear that you’ll still be there for them, just temporarily breaking until we are all safe again.

Others may want to see your brand taking decisive, forthright action and a shift in your messaging or even your product offering.

Amidst chaos and uncertainty, companies are no longer being constrained by processes or systems.

Make the very best of what you have to work with, embrace the opportunity that this period of change offers and, most importantly do something positive that your brand will be remembered for long after we return to ‘business as usual’.

This challenge affects us all, please be assured that our team is working hard to support clients with their own changing landscapes, and developing refined strategies where they are needed.

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