5 top tips for social media success

Posted on: 30/09/2020 by Tina Meigh

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses because it’s a strong communication channel for your audience. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction play a major role in business success and these are typically managed through communication.

When you post original content on social media or reply to queries on your page, your audience is seeing a brand who cares and listens, helping your audience to build a positive image in their minds.

While you’ve created your social media profiles, do you know how to cultivate the best results?

Here’s some handy tips from our marketing team to help you reach social media success:

Define a social media strategy

Whether your focus is organic or paid social the first step is always plan! Define a clear strategy and learn your audience inside out. Learn their behaviour; what channels they engage with most, where they’re spending the most time and what type of post they engage with.

Set clear goals and objectives, research your competition then use this information to conduct a social media audit to see if what you’re doing is working for your channel and audience. Use the research to plan your content and decide which platforms suit your business needs.

Build relationships, not a sales pitch

It’s so important to connect with your customers on a personal level. Social media is the place where people share their thoughts and feelings. It’s about the people and not hammering them with huge amounts of content.

Ask questions, use polls, and tell the story of your brand. Pick out your key USPs, use them to capture the attention of your audience and let them know what you stand for. This helps you build trust and gain a loyal following.

Looks are everything

Make sure your visuals are on point. Do they clearly represent your brand/product? Do they stand out, capturing your audience’s attention? If your content doesn’t look good, no one will stop scrolling to read what you have to say.

Make sure to tell your brand story through your visuals. Give people an insight into your business or the product journey. If your audience engage more with video content consider what needs to be in your video to encourage engagement.

Quality not quantity

We can tell you now, spamming posts across all your channels is not the answer. In fact, you’re more likely to get your posts seen by less people. Top quality well thought out, meaningful content targeted to your audience adds so much more value.

Facebook’s algorithms are tricky to master but one tip is the more engagement you get on posts the higher Facebook will rank them, increasing your organic reach. Use tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to learn when your audience is online, helping your content to be seen.

Retarget, switch up your social media content and expand your audience

Always wondered how, when you search for a certain product on the web, it follows you around social media? Some would say it’s listening to you, nope it’s just a clever paid advertising targeting strategy. A massive part of social media these days is paid adverts, these help you reach new consumers and retarget your existing ones.

Using tools such as the Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn Insight tag will help you retarget past consumers or retarget consumers that may have added your product to their basket but not completed the purchase. You can use advertising and updated messaging to encourage your audience to come back. Alternatively, these tools can help you build a lookalike audience, expanding your targeting.

When kickstarting your new social media strategy don’t forget to track and learn from your results, most social media business profiles offer analytics or insights. There’s also a variety of scheduling tools you can use so you don’t have to post content in real time.

If you want support on building a social media channel that’ll improve your brand image contact our specialist digital marketing team on 01782 630777 or email info@plinkfizz.com.

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